Tuesday, December 6, 2016

diary of a teenage girl book

hey guys! happy autumn hopefully you're watching this snuggled up in a ball of leaves clutching a hot cocoa just ready to listen to me chat to you now i want a hot cocoa no, time to make a video phil! loads of you on twitter seem really spooky at the moment i'm not spooky yet, i'm like five percent spooky but if you are wanting some spooks just imagine that my legs are actually ghost legs underneath the camera there you go there's the spooks anyway spooks will come but for now i wanted to talk about this little thing our book is now officially out! it's so exciting it's gonna be an actual thing in actual shops that people can buy andtouch and sniff and hopefully read as well

i'm just really happy that you guys canread it now and i'm really proud and i just want to hold it over pride rocklike simba yeah i thought as this is such anexciting time i could give you a little sneak peek. i thought a great page to dothat with would be young phil's diary i asked my mom to rummage through loads of my stuff from my childhood when she stumbled across an absolute gem it was my secret diary from when i was about i don't know... 13 or 14 can't believe i actually printed my own diary in a book but yeah it happened so i thought it'd be funny to read it with you guys

if you've already got the book you can read along with me and i'll tell you a few stories behind what i'm reading as well. right here we go then mates, i don't know what that accent was. 'warning!' i was always terrible at doing "n" wheni was trying to do bubble writing look at that look at that mess of an "n" ' unless you're phil this is not for youreyes' guys we're breaking phil's rules of the past is this ok? will he be happy i publish this? i don't know if time travel ever exist then you might come and kick my butt

"if you read this then i hate you" oh no so i technically hate myself nowthese thoughts are too deep. 'as you will have stolen the key'oh i had a key 'i've included false stuff so you would never know what is true. this is all made up' 'or is it?' wow phil really going to throw offsherlock with that one. right, ok ''january seven hello! star star star' 'i'm gonna try write here every day'

totally, not likely 'happy new year our street had a huge party and i saw my brother's friend get drunk' with a capital d oh my god i remember this this was somortifying for my brother and his friend she was like lying on the street drunkand my dad tried to pick her up and she was sick on his coat don't drink toomuch guys i don't understand his friends ultratownies three exclamation marks today i'm going to over to ana's towatch a film bye, feeling new year you know, i love the feeling of new year, it's all the poets write about

huh he was feeling new year, january 8, wow i actually stuck to my own schedule high five phil in the past so we watcheda film about an otter that got cut in half what is this film, by a spade i'm picking the film next time my momstill won't let me watch the nightmare on elm street and my parents had thisthing about nightmare on elm street they said it would traumatize me and i should neverwatch it even now my moms like you should not watch that film that film will be bad for you and it will haunt your dreams

so i still haven't seen it feeling sadfor the otter nooo like i still say no with its head chopped off i wonder ifyou can still see for a few seconds after your head is chopped off let's not think about that rightfebruary the first oh phil i was hoping you do it like a couple more days but no myfriend phil says he has a new gf oh there's always the story with some people wasn't itall you wanna know her she's in a different school she's friends with my cousin we don't believe him i think kat a mightask me out as we've been talking loads on icq, icq is like theprehistoric msn

and we have three phone calls, look at that little love heart awww feeling busy phil i don't think you know what busy was backthen enjoy your free time, february 2nd oh i still continued it so embarrassing i was talking to kat on the phone about an adultmagazine martyn's friend found whoa what is this magazine and then mymom picked up the phone and listened for three minutes and said excuse me it's aschool night and phone bills are expensive oh my godmom i remember that i was on the phone to this girl that i thought might ask me outand my mom just chirps in on the line like uh phil can you go to bed, mom

did they want me to have no life? like acaveman? *giggles* i think cavemen had pretty fulfilling lives fighting on dinosaurs luckily kat found it funny but not goodfeeling: betrayal wow that is a strong word where we next? february 18 in a different pen i hid alove letter in kat's art folder but she didn't know it was from me regret it now what was i thinking aw i wish i had a copyof that love note, that would have been hilarious

feeling stupid don't feel stupid phil that was verybrave to creepily leave a note in someone's... art folder, february 22nd scribbled something out that it was like she foon oh! she found the note so i'm pretendingnot to know who it is and solve the mystery what am i doing that was a spiral of amistake so phil's there with kat trying to solve the mystery of this love note whenhe's the one that sent it all along right here we go

what happened with kat sorry found thisagain a whole month phil we missed out on a whole month ofgossip because you're so lazy at this me and kat went out for two weeks so twoweek relationship that's pretty good going she watched ikwydls see if you canguess what that movie is for either way its i know what you did last summerobviously and sarah michelle gellar in it on my bed but we didn't kiss oranything we hugged broke up now and better off asfriends i was sadder than her [poor phil :(] aw phil with that little broken heart his drawn

april 8th..i'm in florida! i don't think i'd in american accent inflorida but i like to do it, universal was ace i should be doing this in northern accentshouldn't i? [nothern accent] universal was ace a girl winked at me onjaws ride which i've just had a mosquito in her eye let's just point out that i spelled mosquito ''moskito'', may 18th in big block letters got some rollerblades but they hurt my feetso i don't use them and dad said it's a waste of money god those rollerblades with the strappylittle shoe things were so painful it

was like putting your feet in a saw trapnot my fault might get a skateboard if i get moneysomehow feeling: sore feet, i did get a skateboard actually and i rememberwalking through a park and a guy was like oh nice argo skateboard yeah i didn't have aninsult i was trying to think of an insult like yeah nice small priced face june the 4th,well this is a sad day our fish died r.i.pwinston, winston was a black more which is the most epic kind of fish i lovetheir little faces i was feeling sad right june 14th in acloud june's a good month

that's when you draw the cloudsaround a month got a new hamster norris norris is such an incredible name justthink about that norris amazing norris i just changed myname to norris he is black and white and tame we'regoing to breed with phoebe and make babies as dad wont let me get rats or a chinchilla feeling: excited, aw its the start of the hamster breeding time of my life what a great month so we're going tostop it there are still two pages left which you can read if you get the bookand it is available now so if you go to danandphilbook.com you can read the restof my diary and all of the other pages

there's so much stuff in here is alittle sneak and also haven't seen it on dan's channel yet, we made a whole behind thescenes journey over a year of the making of the book so if you want to watch that you canclick in this area where the video will be click awayyy if you enjoyed this please give it a bigthumbs up you can also subscribe by clicking here just tickle my belly in anon-creepy way subscribe to my channel to see wheni make a new video and it was nice talking to you and i will see you guysespecially you very soon


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