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Toilet Accessories Purple Colour

It is crucial to select purple bathroom accessories sets that match the fixtures which you already have set up -- but you should not feel limited to only the accessories that include that specific bathroom layout. Alternatively, you should look for something that has the designs for your bathroom, but that are interesting. Instead of merely using the collections that have already been put together -- by matching and mixing a small, you might come up with your own style.

A number of these bathroom accessories that you should consider getting for your toilet include things like towel racks, additional counter space, as well as a dirty clothes hamper! The sky is your limit once you have the necessary fixtures in place. The key thing is that should be set up in the location that will be the most convenient for you.

If you're trying to purchase bathroom accessories -- particularly if you intend on purchasing an entire collection of accessories for the bathroom, you need to consider buying online first. Not only can there be a wider choice that you would find at a local hardware store -- but you're going to have the ability to have them delivered to your home. Additionally, these accessories will be much less costly than they generally are Find Article at site, and savings are always a great thing!

The most crucial things to bear in mind when you're choosing bathroom accessories are that they don't need to take up a significant part of your layout budget. It's also wise to remember to not feel restricted to any one design or collection! Mix and match to get a unique effect only.

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the diary of teenage girl

the challenge this time is to reach this number of subscribers in our group, #haylas_group click on this button to not out on new videos today, i had a school research paper to write on social media's effect so i decided to ask the people around me when i asked my mom... a teenager girl's diary be careful! stay away from social media because the internet will only get you problems check if the new episode of the turkish series is uploaded on youtube when i asked my friend...

the most important thing in social media is to choose the right hashtag what do you mean? for example, if you bought new shoes then you upload a picture and put #new #shoes #passion okay, i understand #fashionista #love # enough! when i asked my brother... the most important thing is to check in into places

why? to show the people that you always go out and you're not only stuck at home let me show you so you can learn from me for example, every place i go, i have to check in of course, because if he didn't check in then his fiance will kill him i didn't hear you nothing, i was saying that i should open your page and learn from it let me check your last check in our bathroom

our bathroom?! of course, umm lutfi had to give her opinion without me asking her listen to my advice, the most important thing to wish people a happy birthday and your mom especially i usually wish mom a happy birthday and kiss her also no, i mean you should post a message on facebook and upload a cake picture because if you didn't do it then i can't assure you what would happen to you ask lutfi what i did to him last year and when i asked my cousin what kind of shortcuts?

whats wrud? ah, okay then meaning i found out that even though everyone uses the same communication mediums, each person uses it for their own interest #i'msleepy surprises in every episode! let's reach this video to 129k likes as fast as possible click on the like button now the challenge this time is to reach this amount of followers on our group #haylas_group

to join the group, click on the red button “subscribe” share it with all your friends and family and let’s reach this amount of followers what do you use social media for? there’s another question i want you to answer by clicking on an arrow you’ll find at the top of the video and the question is, what do you watch more; tv or youtube? i’ll announce the results on all my accounts so you can see so follow me on all my accounts to see them it’s time for the competition like always, we have a competition and 5 winners and the steps to join are very simple

first of all, you’ll need to subscribe to this channel by clicking on the red button under this video then you’ll need to leave your name and email in the comment box so i can contact you then you’ll need to like this video and share it with all your friends if you joined the last competition then go to the last video and check if your name is in the description box don’t miss out on the last episode because you’ll love it! it will be uploaded on thursday at 8pm ksa see you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

the diary of a teenage girl

this girl name caitlyn o'conner is going toa university to be independent start her new life.

Monday, January 2, 2017

the diary of a teenage girl trailer

boy: my name is rafe katchadorian, andwelcome to my crazy life! *digital alarm goes off* rafe: (says to drawing) shut it down boys. mom: please tell me you didn't stay up all night drawing again... mom: i know it's hard to start a new school,but there's a whole world out there. rafe: there's a whole big world in there, too. rafe: this is my sister georgia. rafe: (yelling) mom, she's doing it again! mom: she's gonna get me arrested.

georgia: hello, not getting any younger here! mom: do that again and you're not getting any older, either. rafe: this is my mom's new boyfriend carl. carl: phone lady, search for ways to get rid of kids you don't like. siri:"calling mommy." carl: (yelling) no, stop, stop, hang up, hang up! carl: hey mom! i'm breaking up, eghhhhhh– carl: gotta go. rafe: and this, (principal: excuse me,) is my new principal, dwight.

principal: everything you have on is breaking rule number 22. rafe: what's rule number 22? principal: the code of conduct, read it! principal: look what's happening to your shirt. principal:nobody needs to see whereyour chest hairs are going to be. rafe: so, yeah. rafe: this year is gonna be fun. teacher: no loitering! move it people. friend: intense, huh?

rafe: seriously? it's like i'm in prison! teachers and principal: no outside food, no talking, no laughing,no going to the bathroom. teacher: it's a pretty common rule. principal: don't you see, rafe? principal: my school, my rules! friend: this is hilarious! teacher: hey! teacher: hand over the notebook. principal: rule number 26. read it out loud.

rafe: written material deemed inappropriate will be destroyed? principal: bring the yellow bucket! rafe: you don't understand, those drawings mean everything to me! principal: creativity has no place in this school. drawings: rafe, save us! principals: rules are rules. drawings: your new principal suuuccckkkkss. rafe: no risk, no reward. we have to fight. friend 2: we've gotta take on the establishment.

rafe: alright guys, i've given you all your assignments. rafe: let's break every rule in the code of conduct rafe: to expose principal dwight. friend 3: alright katchadorian... friend 3: i'm in. rafe: let's do this! kids: *cheering* mom: what are you doing? rafe: i'm just excited to get to school early.

mom: really? principal: oh my gosh... principal: that could have been me! georgia: if you get caught, you're gonna end up in a new school, called prison. principal: i will find the hooligans principal: and i will bring them tojustice. student: uh, the microphone is on the fritz, sir. principal: (cut together) i. like. my. big. butt. *classroom laughs*

rafe: it's a good day. janitor: whoever did this is committed to the art.

Friday, December 30, 2016

the diary of a teenage girl phoebe gloeckner

alison takes up a kind of space in the work that is not defensive, that is expansive, that opens windows so that lots of people can see themselves through this specifically lesbian story. there's often those moments when you see sort of layers of time or layers of generation all in one frame and so you get this sense that something is beinghanded to you in this kind of digestible

nugget but also invited to kind of go quiteliterally deep into each individual frame. she managed to to examine her life, i think intellectually and her intellect gave voice to her heart in a sense. it's very powerful.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

the diary of a teenage girl movie

a lot of things happened today. it ended with getting a demolition noticefor the house that i'm renting. oh well, life. don't pick your nose in front of thecustomer, they might lose their appetite. got my back turned, auntie. eya, o. miss! yes, sir? miss, what time is it?

it's time... miss? it's time for you to love me. what? get him off here. he's just been relaxingsince he got here. he's taking advantage of our restaurant. we don't have aircon. not even wifi.

just make him leave. my apologies, sir... - what do you want to order?- can i order... you? take out? miss, sorry. i think my date'snot coming anymore. so maybe next time. thank you. hey. are you okay?

do you want to have ice cream? what flavor? hold it. i don't even know you. what do you think of me?someone you can just drag along? who's that girl who stood you up? well, i've been courting her for 1 year. but she hasn't answered me yet. wow some perseverance. and you're still expecting.

you? me? what's your story? i'm a royalty from england. direct descendant of queen elizabeth. joke. i became an orphan when i was 14. my parents died in an accident. when i was 18,right after i blew my birthday candle,

my aunt kicked me out of the house. why? co'z i'm no longer a kid. that's sad. what if we end up together? joke iang. chill! what's this? pepper spray! okay now.thanks for the ice cream. bye.

sure, you're welcome, peppy. peppy? pepper spray. you didn't get it? bye, peppy- is "crush" here already? i don't think so. who's that? must be the new scholar girl. doesn't seem she can afford this school.

how annoying. they're just fair-skinned.they're not pretty. miss, miss. it's just an accident. i'll take you to the clinic. i'm okay. are you sure? sure. miss, i'm okay. thank you. my brain was just shaken a bit.

here. okay, bye! ugly and clumsy. double whammy. what? can you still do it? that's howl climb up the stairs. ba-bye! excuse me, can i ask something? 3,500 a month.1 month advance, 1 month deposit.

5,000 meralco deposit. 2,500 for water,1,500 for smoke detector. 1,000 for the key. shared bathroom.there'll be 4 of you in a room. you can't bring a boyfriend.and you can't have a dog here. what? are you taking it? no. i got a boyfriend. really? boss, please.give me any kind of job... except the one,which i have to sell my body.

i'm desperate. it shows. wow, that hurts. you can't work there if you're sensitive. i'm not sensitive. just my skin. please. okay. get an nbi,barangay and police clearance. thanks, brother. whether it's a vertical clearance.or even clearance sale.

- thank you. thank you.- okay, okay. wow, looks like h! fitperfectly in this mansion. i can feel h. my life will change here. miss, rodriguez? yes? mr. sandford's waiting for you. okay. i hope you'd stay long.

20 have already resigned before you. my son is a difficult person. you will have to beresponsible for all his needs. make sure he goes to his class. that's easy. not really. my son is human. but also, he is half monster. like werewolf.

monster in a big vase. zuma. i don't like it. 25,000 basic salary. with benefits includingboard and lodging. i'm ready. i already broughtmy things with me. where will i... it's noisy and unruly... hun-y!

cross. what now, you old toothless fart? you don't have to be rude. right. what's your problem? first, your dad is not a fart. second, he's not toothless. third, your dad is so gorgeous. don't be rude to your father.

who's this? whoever... no whatever you are... get out! i don't want to see you pokingthat face when i get back. see what i mean? yes. he's mean but i'm not a quitter. - don't wait for cross.- oh, ma'am! ma'am, i'm sorry.

but you startled me. it's okay. i'll just wait for cross.this is part of my job, anyway. go get some rest. this is mine. you're still here. - this is mine. give it to me.- this is mine. this is my water. - give it to me.- it's mine. it's mine.

hey take it slow. take it slowly. if you break anything,i'd be responsible for it. oh no. let's go there. fix yourself. where are we? your room. slowly.

wait. change your clothes.your shirt stinks. turn around. no peeking. i'm not interested. hurry. you're really rude... hey, get your clothes on! hey! you want to get drunkyet you can't handle it.

hey, get your hands off me! admit it. you got a crush on me. hey thick-skinned!don't be so full of it. let me go. you're so pretty. you're rude. hey, don't sleep yet.change your clothes. i love you. what? i love you?

"i love you" in your face. that shameless! he threw up on melike a toilet bowl. shameless. hey, missyou on the grass... and the plants. sorry. hi, i'm lory. you are? eya. boy problem.

exchange student? no. i've beenstudying here since kinder. you're good in tagalog. my parents are british,but i grew up here. and yes i'm loyal to willford academyco'z my crush is here. i'm a scholar here. do you know cross sandford? yes. i do have class.

sorry, i've got to go. bye. nice to meet you. okay. eye- oh my god. he's coming. there he goes. the prince is so near. no way. he's looking at me. rodriguez! kidding! he knows her?

ambitious frog! kokak! buy these. i need it for tomorrow. make sure these are complete or else. manila paper, pentel pen... ma'am a total of 3,893.50. can you have these reserved for me? ma'am sorry but i've punched it already.

my supervisor is on one will make these items void. that dumb. did you just call me dumb? guard! - no, miss. no.- miss? please include mine. sir, a total of 4,043.50. excuse me... are you stalking me?

no! what are you? why are you always saving me? flelax, peppy- thank you, sir. thank you, ma'am. need help with that? actually, can i borrow some cash for cab? i'll pay it. no need.

when i need to ask you a favor next time,you're gonna help me, okay? just tell me when. okay. see you. you've asked me to buy a lot of thingsbut you didn't give me any money. why didn't you ask? i thought you havecash funds from my dad. you may leave. you're 50 pesos short. why do you know cross sandford?

why do you know chad jimenez? why can't i be friendly? you're not supposed to have any friends. you have little friends on your face. and you deserve them. i bet she's got them all over her body. stop! stop! you little chicken poxes, let go of her. who are you calling chicken poxes?

yeah, is that i? no, not you. you are beautiful. but you, you and you,leave her alone or die. what did they do to you? they're bullying you because of cross? are you dating him? of course not. why? you like him? since kinder.

ouch, lasting love. can i just help you with something else? come on. just for her size. - come on.- let's go. that's ok. now for the shoes. let's see if h goes nice with the dress. it's high. can i take it off now? miss, i'll get this one.

is it nice? that's 250,000? isn't nice enough? i hope she likes it. is she pretty? she's like you. so she's ugly, too. peppy, she's pretty. you know, don't belittle yourself.

you're so beautiful. so try it on. oh perfect. hey, peppy. go to the party, alright? i'm not invited. that's why i'm inviting you, right? we'll see. what was that? don't tell me...

may i go out? yes, you may. what's that smell? he's calling you. what do you need? you know, for a maid you're rude. co'z you're my idol. what can i do for you, your highness? you know, for a human being, you're rude.

come with me to the party. and tomorrow we're going somewhere. how many layouts? just 4. where's stand-by area. this way. okay good. stay here. hey, don't just look dumb there.

are you gonna turn it offor i'll kill you? give me your cellphone. give it to me. didn't i tell you,no cellphones during my shoot? no, no, no! stand up. out. hey, it's not gonna ring anymore. can we just finish the shoot? get back.

sit down there. sit down. hurry. go, go, go. back to work, guys. back to work. change set-up. change set-up. wrong. okay good. okay. there, relax. okay. nice. turn here for profile. sorry about what happened, monster...i mean master. thank you, too.

in your face. it's your fault. i just don't want some drama. i didn't know thatcellphone's not allowed. after you fix my things,you can take a time off. here you go. that's delicious. go. indeed, delicious. yummy.

thank you for inviting me. of course. you know what, eya? i really, really like you. are you a lesbian? i like you as a a friend. relax with the fork. you know, you're notpretentious like others. you made me nervous with that one.

so are we bffs now? on saturday, you should be there. my birthday, infinity palace. okay? are my pimples having sexthat's why they're multiplying? this one's gonna explode soon. taal, mayon, pinatubo... - oh there's a twin.- hey, are you scaring me? i'm resting here you know.get out of here.

is cross there? he's still inside. excuse me? what did you say? don't you ever dare speak his name. hey tomatoes! don't you call me tomato. you! how dare you slap me!

don't! stop m - cross!- what's the problem? help me. she's bullying us. bullying? you slapped me. girls, listen up. i would like you allto meet my girlfriend, so please be nice to her. and leave her alone, okay? come here.

what are you saying? i intentionally said thatto make them angrier on you. so you and your pimpleswill be miserable. are you crazy? are you stupid? have you been taking drugs? are you a drug addict? oh my gosh! here she comes. it's so not true.

witchcraft is the only explanation. witchcraft is the only explanation... or blackmail... that is so true. eya, we need to talk. friend, thank goodness you came. is it true? you could've just told methat cross is your boyfriend. hey, that's not true. then why are you guys always together?

this is just a secret. don't tell anyone. i'm cross' personal maid. “mex! i'm envious. what are you? try to be that monsterslash devil's personal maid. is he that bad? peppy, i've been looking for you.

let's talk. i can't take this anymore. even kuya kim couldn't explain this. she's cross' girlfriend andtwo-time cheating with chad. what a nightmare! peppy, you should knowsomething about me. what is it? oh my god, is this real? i want to believe i'm beautiful.

peppy, i can't hold this anymore. i need to quench my thirst. i'm a vampire. you're so annoying. hey, best friend, don't be irritated. what do you mean best friend?are we close? best friend,it's lory's birthday tomorrow. i need you with my plan, please. what is your dark planfor my best friend?

best friend, relax. here's my plan. when the lights turn off at 12 midnight, i'll get lory's hand. and i'll take her to the garden. and there i'll give her the ring. then i'll ask her to be my girlfriend. that's sweet, right? you've already iron out your plan,you don't have to get me involved.

this is where you come in. make sure you'll give this to lory. and make her wear it. co'z it has a tracker inside.that way i can tell that it's her. you're giving yourself a hard time. why don't you just proposein the middle of the party? of course it's moredramatic when it's dark. then, i'll grab herlike there's a kidnap scene. sweet.

thanks, peppy- guess, what? i love you! - thank you!- chad! thank you, thank you. you're so kind. you stink. to infinity and beyond! eya! be thankful i've taken you here.

hello, i'm invited, too. - hey, what's up?- hey bro. you got a date. what? no! she's my personal maid. i'm ian and you're eya. sorry about my best friend.he seemed to be mad at the world. i'm used to him. is he really like that since birth?

i think it started when his mom died. he really made his momthe reason behind this. i'm an orphan. nothing. party! party! party! bro, let's go. can i get a lot? now that's gluttony.

o chad. o by the way, you take care of it. did you see lory. sorry, no. lory? lory! joke, sorry. lory! lory, somebody wantsto give this to you. listen well.

let me finish first before you speak. i know that you alreadylove somebody else. but believe me, he's not worth it. i love you very much. give me a chance to love you. be my girlfriend. dude, are you 95v? chad? cross?

this is so embarrassing. chad! you ruined everything. that's enough. that's enough. hey, eya, whom are you talking with? no one auntie. crazy. auntie, i was just dreaming.

hey, how many times did i tell you thatyou should stop creating those fantasies. you should keep your feet on the reality. even if i'm dreaming, auntie,your role is to wake me up. eya, you're already an orphan. you should know how to deal with life. where will you go when i'm already gone? why, auntie? where are you going? oh, nowhere. you know dogs are mad at cats.

cat? do i look like a cat? wh? did you go here? i waited for you co'z i knowyou're on your way home. here's for you. use that, okay? it's just something. i bet, cross has been insulting you. you know, the first time i saw you,i knew you have a good personality. you went all the way hereto give me a tribute. ian...

he's like a drug addict. i'm so... can we do that next time? are you blind? i just saw a ghost. wait, ghost? yes. ghost mn'! ' who's mary?

mary, the one who appearsat the student council room. it was said that she was raped. white lady. are you kidding me? kidding? if you want, we can look for her. later. go to student council room. i got a meeting there.

you're the one who has a meetingyet you're asking me to get there. maybe you're scared. i want you to go there co'z i wantmy personal maid to be there. if you won't show up,i'll get my hands on you. yo, guys, sit down. hi, cross. hi, bro. and now we can start. hi, guys.

as you all know, we havea school fair coming up soon. we need ideas now. bye! bye. 5y9, guys. bye, thank you. cross, i'll go ahead. you still need to fill out the forms. i'll just do that at home.

you won't need it tomorrow, right? no, let's finish it. it's my parent's anniversary.we've got family dinner. why? are you scared to be alone? no. why would i be scared? okay, i'll be the one to do itthen i'll email it to you. that's okay. i'll kill that pimples. the subscriber cannot be reached.

please try again later. who are you? go away. mommy! eya, where are you? these kids don'! knowhow to lock the door. hey, wake up. did you see mary? the white lady.

that's not true. i just made that up. no, i saw her. that's just me. the one i saw doesn't have pimples. you know, for a monster, you're a coward. admit it. you're scared. shut up. you're fired. your dad's the one who's paying me. so,your dad is the only one who can fire me.

let's go. it's locked. why did you lock it? i didn't. call the school guard. i don't have a load. that's incredible. co'z you're a beggar. poorest of the poor.

and 119w- why don't you make the phone call. i got no charge. i didn't bring my charger. gorgeous rich kid with a postpaid line. no charger. amazing. is that you? get off there. that's my place. move.

get your own place. get off there. she can't be reachednow that she's needed. wait 'til i get my hands on her. let's sleep. no. just talk to me first. what are we gonna talk about? tell me something about you. what do you want to know?

why are you ugly? where are you hiding your horn and tail? why are you poor'? co'z i don't have parents. where are your parents? they died in an accident when i was 14. you? where's your mom? she died in a plane crash when i was 5. that's why you're like that.

what am i? nothing. like that. you're lucky you still have a dad. go to sleep. okay, sleep then. hey, what are you doing here? go home. don? you have classes? fm gonna tell them about this.

here, it's done. can i sleep now? make a sign. i wanted to say, welcome to willford academy. you're rich, why don't you justprint it on a tarpaulin? jack? i didn't know you like to watch that. robert?

i won't then. don't switch it. i'm not paying you to watch tv. i'll do the sign outside. dark night, terror comes out... hey cut it out! lady in white... - sorrowful...- stop it.

cut it out. clothes with blood... just shut up. i'm not listening. mary... o mary! shut up! mary! shut up. i said shut up. what? i'm just whispering in the air.

who are you whispering with? her! mary! where? coward. sleep here. you're not leaving this roomuntil your finish it. he looks better when he's sleeping. even if he's bad. chad loves lory.

lory loves cross. but if cross loves lory. he wouldn't let chad court her. who's cross' love? maybe just himself. he left early. my boss has a good heart. damn. he playedconnect the dots on my face! he must've used indelible ink.

i see the star. i see the moon. i know who owns that. coach, can i take a break? okay 30 minutes. we need to talk. please forgive me. are you gonnakill me? have mercy on me. peppy! peppy, relax. i'm not mad. you're mad. you said,"you ruined everything." peppy, i know youdidn't like what happened.

but let's just forget it. peace? smells like chad. he's so nice. he let me borrow his shirt. when you're done hugging yourself,go see your boss. okay. yes. uqw, is that you? this is me, monster. monster!

only monsters like you arecapable of drawing on my face. sorry. so it's your face. i thought connect the dots. i'll kill you, you monster! get off me. wait, why are you hot? did you just come in from sauna? forget it. just leave. your fever is high.

stay there. i'll get a medicine. stay there. if you have a plan of poisoning cross,i'll understand. but have fear in god. i don't want to go to hell.i might see him there. it might contain poison. it doesn't have poison. come on. you're sweating. take off your clothes. go change.

i don't like. you might rape me. take care of yourself. you're big enough. what do you want, cookie monster? i can't sleep. turn off the aircon. what else? water. we'll take you to the hospital. i'd rather die than go to the hospital.

what do you want? go straight to the morgue? okay, wake up the driver. i'll go to the hospital. don't come. we'll just go. eya, i know you have classes tomorrow.but can you make an absence? cross needs to beaccompanied in the hospital. he doesn't want me to come. don't take whateverhe says on face value.

my son has a lot of differences. why is that? he wants to show everyonethat he doesn't need anyone. but he keeps on asking meto do a lot of things for him. you know, my son has a lot of hang-ups. what are you doing here? i told you so. i've talked to your doctor. you have an intestinal flu.

let's wait for the attending physician.let her tell us that. if you need anything, call me. hey, bro, how are you? hey! what took you guys so long? hi! dude, what's up? what's up 9 dude.

it's good that you visited me here. what do you want? coffee, juice? no, no. h! go get h. i'll buy it downstairs. - no, eya's here.- i'll do it. okay, can you get me a juice? how many fraps? frap? juice for you?

i'll go with you? that's it. okay. i might not beable to carry all of it. come with me eya. you take care of cross. okay- ian, why did you give methose skin care products? i want you have smooth skin. are you a dermatologist?

or you're practicing on me. nothing. i just wantyour skin to be smooth. so you'd be pretty. wow you're nice. just like a fairy godmother. so cross would notice you. co'z you two match. you're crazier than your friend. it's like this.

cross is my friend. i know him better. he's kind. he just doesn't want to show it. no. leave the lights on. heyâ» ugly. are you still up? sleeping- ugly, come here. sleep beside me.

ugly! i don't can't even say "please". e ya. - move. i want to sleep now.- hold it. come on. i'll just check your iv. ouch. you didn't do it knew it's tight. you just forced me.

hi, miss. i want you to know thatthis is a hospital not a motel. ma... mommy. don't leave me. - he's cute when he's playing coward.- don't... even a monster has a heart. sleep now. i'm just here.

chad! come on. lory and i will have lunch.come with us. - no.- let's go. she's avoiding me. that's why i'm taking you with meso you could talk to her. calm down. lory, i took chad with me.we'll have lunch with him. oh dear. i forgot. i still have something to do.sorry.

eya, we're going somewhere later. surprise. better go. go after her. next time, peppy, let me do the strategy. i'll just wait for you outside. no, come. it's my beautytreatment day today. i don't have beauty to be treated. come on now, don't be silly.

good afternoon, miss lory.the usual? yes but it's gonna be the two of us. wow! i didn't know that asidefrom sss and pag-ibig benefits... your maid is entitledfor a salon treatment. she's not my maid. she's my best friend. i'm sorry. miss julie, can you please attendto miss lory and her best friend. this way, ma'am.

i'm pretty. like us? wow. - 12,000.- lory, how much is it? don't worry, this one's on me. and that is because you look gorgeous. they have to see you like thatin the legendary ball of willford. what's that? it's a masquerade ball.

we're gonna wear a mask, then whydo we have to make ourselves beautiful. we have to make ourselves pretty co'zthere's gonna be a rigodon of dances. and at 12 midnight,whoever you're dancing with, he'll be your special someone. that's corny. it's not if i'll be with cross. i'll do what i can to be close to him. i don't know what's in himthat you like him a lot. cross is my classmate since elementary.

and because i was a transferee, i always get bullied. and cross was there.he was my knight in shining armor. he always stood up for me. this monster has a secret kindness. are you sure it's cross? maybe that's someone whohas the same name as his. hey, chad. this is me eya. peppy-

i know. wow. i mean i need you. come with me. where are we going? just somewhere. hi, chad. don't you think eya's so gorgeous? what? eya? no, that's just hot oil. admit it. you had a plastic surgery.

admit it. you had a brain surgery. let's go gorgeous. nice one. you're good at baking. sorry. the cupcakesturned out just enough. i won't be able to make you taste it. it's okay. i'm full already just by smelling it. hey, peppy. please give this to lory.

you're so sweet. lory's lucky with you. but the guy who will love you is luckier. who are you? what are you doing here? why are you opening the ref. are you a thief? thief! 'day. don't be oa. if i were a thief, i'd go straightto the rooms not in the kitchen.

manang! manang look at eya! eya? what did you do? did you see a witch doctor? hello. that's just soap and water. where can i get that soap and water? yes. where can we buythat soap and water... it would be betterfor you to go upstairs... because your boss isthrowing tantrums again.

manang, i'll just putthese cupcakes here. can i have some? no, you can't. even i haven't tasted it. get me soap and water immediately. what can i do for you? why are you late, ugly? in fairness with you, you'rethe only one who didn't notice. clean all of these. now.

what will i do with these papers?i'll gather or throw it? throw. then throw. okay, you're pretty. you look good. ugly, i'm hungry'- no! i bit it already. why did you touch that?

it's in my ref. and my house. so unless told otherwise, what's in there are all mine. i just place it there temporarily. sorry. finders keepers. losers suck. it tastes good. that's mine. - let go.- let it go! let it go.

look what you did. then just buy again. buy? those are special. those are made for a special can't buy it. what do you want me to do? nothing. get out of my way. you're gonna kill me because of cupcakes? come here! eya! don't.

what is that? stop it. eya, stop it. what is your problem? why did you eat my cupcakes? i'll kill you. stop! you're going to hurt yourself. right. good evening, sir.

eya, you look different. i didn't know it's you. you look good. sir, i'm sorry. i can't take your son anymore. before he's justhalf human, half monster. now he's a 100% monster. i can't promise that i can take him nextbut thanks for the compliment. cross, come to my office. cross!

crazy! good for you. what happened? it's not important. i will let you leave if you tell me. it's just the stupid cupcakes. for you those are just stupid cupcakes. you know, not everyone are born like you. you have everything.

that's why sometimesyou don't put value... in simple things thatare priceless to others. i know what you mean. do you? these are special memorieswith your mother. look, they're priceless. but they're very special. now tell me, what will you doif someone tear it apart?

i hope you apologize to her. no poison, come on. out! out! hey, it's not gonna ring again. okay. get back! hurry. go, go! - mary... 0 mary!- shut up. i said shut up! who are you whispering with?

her. mary! where? move. wait. - move. i want to sleep now.- wait. arlene is on number 3. you on 7. good evenin, sir. i'll get your order. yes. one order of eya.

extra ugly. you're working here? what a coincidence... will you please leave? just so you can annoy someone, huh. go with him. i don? like. he gave me 5 thou. do you want me to give yousome portion of it.

what am i auntie? a ghq? do i have a cut on drinks? no. this is decent. he asked me permission.i gave him one. o? what do you want to happen? nothing. let's just eat. don't you like it? i do like. okay, i'll feed you.

plastic. i don't like. hey, i'm trying to be nice. for once. say ah... what the...? water! did you take drugs? i'm at peace here.and then you came to ruin it. come with me.

i resigned already. what did you say? what? can you be more sincere? eya, i'm sorry. come on. i'm gonna late. let's go. damn it. i left my planner in the room. what do you want? you'll goon your own or i'll come with you? i'll go might lock the door again.

feeling. keep quiet. boss, let's seal her mouth with a tape. brod, we don't have duct tape. i left it in the condo. hey pesky people who likes to pose. just shut her up. i don't know how you becamecross' girlfriend, ugly loud mouth. wow. you speak english.yet you left your duct tape.

and please can you take off your mask.i know who you are. i'm not cross' girlfriend. so please let me goand let's all forget this... - sit!- ouch! that hurts. this is not a joke. we kidnapped youto get even with cross. our girlfriends leftthe two of us because of him. if cross comes over here for you, we'll beat him 'til he gets ugly,and no one will like him anymore.

and i'll be the school's heartthrob. what? really? don't deny it. you've beenunder surveillance for a long time. we've asked someone tofollow you 'til you get to his house. - because... ouch!- hello! cross. - you don't know me but we have...- i don't know you... i don't talk to strangers. he put it down. i'm his personal maid that's whywe're always together.

so please? stop this drama. shut up! shut up!i can't think in here. - wait i'm thinking.- e ya! meow! eya? - what's that?- meow... they'll think that thereare cats here not persons. meow... meow...

to your back, chad! hurry! it's chad! let's take pictures. idol. easy. jump shot. one, two, three... okay. fist bump! hey, chad. i might take all your...

you can come oui how. i'm presentable. you know, you are so... sorry. my abs might have startled you. sir snacks. thank you, manang. here, have some snacks. i baked this. really? did you bake this?

it's for lory. but she told me to stopchasing her already. she wouldn't like me. it's cross that she really likes. what's wrong with me? you're gorgeous. good soccer player. great baker. friendly, kind. if i were lory, i'd choose you.

i even got a big crush on you. so what's your plan? don't be sad. that's the way it goes.we can't always get what we want. h feels good to have an illusion. but you'll get tired eventuallywith all the fantasies. sometimes you haveto wake up with reality. chad is so cute. if we weren't having thisplatonic relationship, i'd court him.

he's crying? what's this ? e verytime i havea bed scene with boys, it's either they threw upon me or they're crying. yes, best friend? i'm gonna tell you something. but don't get mad or irritated, okay? can you please sit properlyco'z i can see your panty. i'll just wear my skirt. sorry. this is my house.

i can do what i want. don't touch me. let me go! i always wanted to do this. - no!- let her go! you can't kiss her. chad, you're my hero! because you should be kissing me. hold her fight.

man-mg, when are you doing'? whoever you are, leave eya's body. leave! manang, i was just dreaming.this is not exorcist, manang. that's what they always say. don't, manang. no! oh no, when cross is being nice,you can be in... i don? know. ma, pa, do you know...

your daughter is flirting. i've met a few friends in willford. lory, then chad... he's my crush but i got to forget itco'z i know i don't stand a chance. cross is like a monster. he's annoying and cruel. a snob. his good side is that heknows now how to say sorry. he's weird when he's scared of the ghost.

really? - it's raining. come on.- jesus. let's go! my bag! - come on.- let's go. let's go. here. - here. where are you going?- here. the rain ruined my moment. because you're ugly. where's your car?

i asked the driver for an errand. what is that? then call him. i left my charger in the car. your cellphone? i don't have load. you're getting a big salaryyet you're still poor. i'm visiting my mom's grave. does her remains lie in here, too? are you crying?

that's rain. you're crying. look. yes. i feel sad. i miss my mom. when she died, i cried a lot. that's why i'm so destructive. that's why i feel so angry. maybe that's why i'm punishingeveryone because i'm miserable. i want everyone to be like me.

true. what's that? what are you doing? so you'd feel warm. that's wet too. so you'd be a bit warm. there. body heat. i don't like. come here. come here.

you might get sick. dad would have to spend money for you. don't act up. you're not pretty. ifs okay 10 be ugly if pdbe hugging someone like him. h makes me feel pretty big time. you look pretty. are you looking for cross? what? no.

you, too. you don't want to admit it. really. he's in the stock room. with miss uk. lory? why'd you know that? lory asked for my helpso they'd be close. so there, i locked them up. are you jealous? no. i even want to help lory.

let's go check them out. slow down. listen. cross, i love you. sorry but i'm already in a relationship. with whom? with eya. no. no. no. eya told me it was a joke.

she told me the truth. she told me that you just said thatso the girls would get mad at her. no. it's really true. i already love her. i always want to see her. stop. even in my dreams. wait, i'll open this. i don? believe you.

- hurry.- ouch. i'll take care of her. why did you tell her that? i can't think of any wayso she'd stop chasing me. hey, don't react like you'rethe one who's embarrassed. don't you really like her? you're stubborn. weren't you the one whowant to push her with chad. i thought you're the lorhad villain.

lorhad. lory, chad. lorhad. whatever. i'm tired. hello, i'm busy. go to the wedding booth. now. okay, wait.i'll just frighten one more. wait. hello. do you want to haveyour team lorhad succeed? jesus! you're good even without're still scary.

you asked me to go herejust to be insulted at. you wanna make this convincing? let's get married. i can? understand what he wants. but ifs okay. in the name of love. forced? me? no. before we get married, fix your face.

choosy. do you, cross sandford, take rea rodriguezas your lawfully wedded wife? i do. you may now kiss the bride. hey you, don't take advantage. you should take advantage. for sure lory's out there.looking. she'll catch you. for the sake of art andin the name of love. more.

you can use me as your tissue right now. feel free to blow your noseor wipe your tears on me. i don't care if you throw methe trash when you're done. as long as i'm useful to you, lory. just let me wipe your tears. i saw cross and eya kiss. chad, they're a couple. that hurts. lory, trust me when i tell you,i know how it feels. i really do.

just go away. - you can't do anything to help me.- lory... it's okay. i'm here, lory. lory, it's okay. i'm here for you, lory. it's okay. you're crying harder than lory, huh. oh ma'am sorry, you can't.there's a line... you're all oa. party poop“-

eya. eya, are you in-love with cross? why are you asking? answer me first. are you in-love with cross? yes, lory. i love cross. i'm hurt, eya. i felt bad with what i sawin the marriage booth. but you know what?

it made me realize one thing. that i look stupid. i'm waiting for someonewho will never ever like me. then i saw chad. chad's there for me. cares for me. do you think i should give chad a chance? you know, the two of youlook good together, promise. i'll give chad a chance.

as long as you promiseto take care of cross for me. why is there a lot of oas here? good luck to us. thank you, best friend. let's go? hi! i'm going crazy. i think i should describethis feeling as love. i've never felt this way before. can you really fall forsomeone you love to hate?

i don't know. i'm not sure about myself anymore. for once i wanna be honest. do the right thing. there's something i have to tell you. l... i like you. what if you smell him? then lookfor the one who smells like him. you're gross.

well, i hope this helps. we'll go look find him. how many matched? 4 shoes. not one for the voice. then choose. the voice of whomi talked with last night is different. are we done, sis? why do we have that? hello?

hello, e ya. this is adrian. hi! how did you know me? i've actually been stalking youever since the start of the sem... i know i goi chicken outbut i found the strength... to actually expressmy feelings to you at the ball... co'z i have the mask. i like you. it's you. fm afraid you might not like me.

can i meet you after class. alright. yes, hello. hello, e ya. where are you? ah adrian, hold on. - wait.- okay. can you go here atthe student council room? i can't. why?

are you gonna look for that boy firstthan your job that pays you? i'm going home. i got lbm. there are a lot of crs here. my butt isn't used to them. hello, adrian, sorry about it. my friend is so pesky. he keeps on calling me. no i'll meet you after school. okay, see you. bye.

thank you lord. this is it. this is real. finally, somebody's gonna love me. i can finally be happy. hey; eva' i'm adrian. hey, adrian. i'm cross. are you really eya's partner? do you have doubts?

so then, who's her partner? not you. stop it. stop it. this is but my only chance tofeel happy and you want to ruin it. alright guys. i give up. i can? do this anymore. it's not me. ian made me do it. to make him feel jealous.

and to make him tell the truth. so just let me go, i won't bea big mh to the two of you. the voice is different. i got sore throat that night. i got colds. after it rained, remember? i can't explain but... why do you have this? what would you expect me?leave it lying around the house?

you read it? read the last page. i know what's written here. i'm the one who's writing here. read it. hey diary of the ugly e ya. it's morning and! can't sleep. co': eya's my partnerin the midnight party... i know she was the girl behind the mask.

my heartbeat went fast. this is weird but... why am i like this? maybe this started when wegot together in the hospital. or at the student council room. i always want to be with her. see her. talk to her. and as days go by,my feelings for he! get stronger.

i was able to tell herwhat i feel at the ball. she's not my type. she's not even pretty. but she makes my world beautiful. damn b... i like her. hey, ugly, speak up. listen. are you better offwriting your fantasies? or do you want to give a chance...

our true feelings. a... e... i... o... u... eya, will you be my girlfriend? life is like a book. or maybe a diary.

ifs in your handshow you want to end h.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the diary of a teenage girl film

hello schoolgirl is a simple,cute love story that centers around therelationships of four individuals, who seem to be separatedfrom one another by a certain difference in ageand on a social level. this film tells the storyof two students who meet in an introductoryarchitecture class and fall in love. fifteen years later, the girltracks down her first love to seek his help in buildingher dream house. this is a story of an ardent first loveand the friendship of 5 people.

led by the letter thatcomes from 23 years ago, the story takes place inone summer vacation in 1991, crossing the past and present. in this film a regular teenager anda pretty and popular girl start dating. their young love is theobject of much jealousy from all the other students, but for them, it just seemssplendid and eternal. that is until the boy finds out something tragic aboutthe girl he loves.

hot young bloods depicts theloves, rivalries, and friendships between four high schoolstudents in hongseong county, south chungcheong provincein the 1980s. in this film a teenage girltries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forcesher into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties. in this film an arroganthigh school student who stands to inherita fortune when he is 18

suddenly discovers the clausein his grandfather's will that he must graduatefrom a small high school in rural kangwon province. he has no choicebut to transfer there. in this new school, he meets a girlwho changes his life forever. this film tells the story of a girl who moves to the countrysidewith her mother and sister. she has a lung ailment which is whytheir doctor recommended the move. soon after movinginto their new home,

the family discoversa wild boy living in the barn. wanting to help,the family takes him in and soon a relationshipbegins to form between the girl and the boy. "my sassy girl" tells the storyof an engineering student who meets a drunkengirl on a train. she is his type but she'salso repulsively drunk. because a fellow passengermisunderstands their relationship he winds up taking care of her.

and somehow he alsowinds up in jail with her. in this film, a young universitystudent finds a secret box filled with her mother'sletters and a diary. reading it, she learns of hermother's first love affair, a story which closely matches herown experience at the university.