Wednesday, January 4, 2017

the diary of teenage girl

the challenge this time is to reach this number of subscribers in our group, #haylas_group click on this button to not out on new videos today, i had a school research paper to write on social media's effect so i decided to ask the people around me when i asked my mom... a teenager girl's diary be careful! stay away from social media because the internet will only get you problems check if the new episode of the turkish series is uploaded on youtube when i asked my friend...

the most important thing in social media is to choose the right hashtag what do you mean? for example, if you bought new shoes then you upload a picture and put #new #shoes #passion okay, i understand #fashionista #love # enough! when i asked my brother... the most important thing is to check in into places

why? to show the people that you always go out and you're not only stuck at home let me show you so you can learn from me for example, every place i go, i have to check in of course, because if he didn't check in then his fiance will kill him i didn't hear you nothing, i was saying that i should open your page and learn from it let me check your last check in our bathroom

our bathroom?! of course, umm lutfi had to give her opinion without me asking her listen to my advice, the most important thing to wish people a happy birthday and your mom especially i usually wish mom a happy birthday and kiss her also no, i mean you should post a message on facebook and upload a cake picture because if you didn't do it then i can't assure you what would happen to you ask lutfi what i did to him last year and when i asked my cousin what kind of shortcuts?

whats wrud? ah, okay then meaning i found out that even though everyone uses the same communication mediums, each person uses it for their own interest #i'msleepy surprises in every episode! let's reach this video to 129k likes as fast as possible click on the like button now the challenge this time is to reach this amount of followers on our group #haylas_group

to join the group, click on the red button “subscribe” share it with all your friends and family and let’s reach this amount of followers what do you use social media for? there’s another question i want you to answer by clicking on an arrow you’ll find at the top of the video and the question is, what do you watch more; tv or youtube? i’ll announce the results on all my accounts so you can see so follow me on all my accounts to see them it’s time for the competition like always, we have a competition and 5 winners and the steps to join are very simple

first of all, you’ll need to subscribe to this channel by clicking on the red button under this video then you’ll need to leave your name and email in the comment box so i can contact you then you’ll need to like this video and share it with all your friends if you joined the last competition then go to the last video and check if your name is in the description box don’t miss out on the last episode because you’ll love it! it will be uploaded on thursday at 8pm ksa see you!

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