Monday, January 2, 2017

the diary of a teenage girl trailer

boy: my name is rafe katchadorian, andwelcome to my crazy life! *digital alarm goes off* rafe: (says to drawing) shut it down boys. mom: please tell me you didn't stay up all night drawing again... mom: i know it's hard to start a new school,but there's a whole world out there. rafe: there's a whole big world in there, too. rafe: this is my sister georgia. rafe: (yelling) mom, she's doing it again! mom: she's gonna get me arrested.

georgia: hello, not getting any younger here! mom: do that again and you're not getting any older, either. rafe: this is my mom's new boyfriend carl. carl: phone lady, search for ways to get rid of kids you don't like. siri:"calling mommy." carl: (yelling) no, stop, stop, hang up, hang up! carl: hey mom! i'm breaking up, eghhhhhh– carl: gotta go. rafe: and this, (principal: excuse me,) is my new principal, dwight.

principal: everything you have on is breaking rule number 22. rafe: what's rule number 22? principal: the code of conduct, read it! principal: look what's happening to your shirt. principal:nobody needs to see whereyour chest hairs are going to be. rafe: so, yeah. rafe: this year is gonna be fun. teacher: no loitering! move it people. friend: intense, huh?

rafe: seriously? it's like i'm in prison! teachers and principal: no outside food, no talking, no laughing,no going to the bathroom. teacher: it's a pretty common rule. principal: don't you see, rafe? principal: my school, my rules! friend: this is hilarious! teacher: hey! teacher: hand over the notebook. principal: rule number 26. read it out loud.

rafe: written material deemed inappropriate will be destroyed? principal: bring the yellow bucket! rafe: you don't understand, those drawings mean everything to me! principal: creativity has no place in this school. drawings: rafe, save us! principals: rules are rules. drawings: your new principal suuuccckkkkss. rafe: no risk, no reward. we have to fight. friend 2: we've gotta take on the establishment.

rafe: alright guys, i've given you all your assignments. rafe: let's break every rule in the code of conduct rafe: to expose principal dwight. friend 3: alright katchadorian... friend 3: i'm in. rafe: let's do this! kids: *cheering* mom: what are you doing? rafe: i'm just excited to get to school early.

mom: really? principal: oh my gosh... principal: that could have been me! georgia: if you get caught, you're gonna end up in a new school, called prison. principal: i will find the hooligans principal: and i will bring them tojustice. student: uh, the microphone is on the fritz, sir. principal: (cut together) i. like. my. big. butt. *classroom laughs*

rafe: it's a good day. janitor: whoever did this is committed to the art.

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