Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the diary of a teenage girl film

hello schoolgirl is a simple,cute love story that centers around therelationships of four individuals, who seem to be separatedfrom one another by a certain difference in ageand on a social level. this film tells the storyof two students who meet in an introductoryarchitecture class and fall in love. fifteen years later, the girltracks down her first love to seek his help in buildingher dream house. this is a story of an ardent first loveand the friendship of 5 people.

led by the letter thatcomes from 23 years ago, the story takes place inone summer vacation in 1991, crossing the past and present. in this film a regular teenager anda pretty and popular girl start dating. their young love is theobject of much jealousy from all the other students, but for them, it just seemssplendid and eternal. that is until the boy finds out something tragic aboutthe girl he loves.

hot young bloods depicts theloves, rivalries, and friendships between four high schoolstudents in hongseong county, south chungcheong provincein the 1980s. in this film a teenage girltries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forcesher into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties. in this film an arroganthigh school student who stands to inherita fortune when he is 18

suddenly discovers the clausein his grandfather's will that he must graduatefrom a small high school in rural kangwon province. he has no choicebut to transfer there. in this new school, he meets a girlwho changes his life forever. this film tells the story of a girl who moves to the countrysidewith her mother and sister. she has a lung ailment which is whytheir doctor recommended the move. soon after movinginto their new home,

the family discoversa wild boy living in the barn. wanting to help,the family takes him in and soon a relationshipbegins to form between the girl and the boy. "my sassy girl" tells the storyof an engineering student who meets a drunkengirl on a train. she is his type but she'salso repulsively drunk. because a fellow passengermisunderstands their relationship he winds up taking care of her.

and somehow he alsowinds up in jail with her. in this film, a young universitystudent finds a secret box filled with her mother'sletters and a diary. reading it, she learns of hermother's first love affair, a story which closely matches herown experience at the university.

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