Thursday, December 15, 2016

diary of a teenage girl

click on this button to join the channel and not miss any new videos and keep watching till the end to find out about all the surprises today was unbelievable because what happened to my leg created chaos a teenager girl's diary dear god... what happened to you? i tripped on these wires how many times did i tell you to remove this adapter from here?!

where do you think you're going?! i want to get my laptop no laptops or mobiles or tv what?! the doctor said you must get 3 days of complete rest what does that have to do with the laptop?! oh my god! what happened? i tripped on the electric wire and got 3 days off i visited her and her legs seemed terrible

she broke both her legs and will stay in the hospital for an entire week i wonder what happened to her... did you hear the latest news? what? tell me everything in details! go make us tea and i will tell you! of course, i'd do anything for you they say her mom hit her and broke her leg and she'll stay in the hospital for 2 weeks

i wonder what she did.. i had a feeling this girl was not innocent oh sara! come listen to the latest news! they say she was out late at night and got hit by a car she broke both her legs and hip and the 35th disc of her spinal cord and they gave her a holiday for a month yes! exactly what i just said

this kept on going until... breaking news it has been confirmed that the victim was attacked by criminals in a mysterious situation this attack resulted in broken bones in her legs, hips and the 35th disc of her spinal cord in addition, there was a head injury seems we have a call, hello? i just tripped in my room and you turned it into a crime my leg twisted and you came up with broken bones in my legs and hips. but i'm completely fine! but for you to come and say that the 35th disc of my spinal cord is broken too much!!!

there's only 33 discs in a spinal cord! ....we'll take a break and this is how i understood the saying my mom always tells me 'they made a mountain out of a mole" surprises in every episode! what do you think of this episode? did you know that one episode took me an entire day to film?! i have a challenge for you in the first episode, i asked you to reach 100,000 likes

this time, the challenge is to reach 125,000 likes within 24 hours of uploading this video i'm sure we can! and once we reach this amount, i'll upload a video on saturday! the video that i'll upload on saturday will benefit you a lot so click on the like button today's question: what rumor did you hear about someone or about yourself? tell me the story in the comment section below i will share your stories across all my social media accounts so follow me to know if i shared your story as i told you in the previous video, there will be 5 winners in every episode for mugs like these

on the mugs, we have our channel's name and the name of this series if you participated in the first competition, go to the previous video and find your name in the description box because i announced all the winners to join this competition i made it easier for you. you only need to join through youtube first step is to join the channel. click here! second step is to leave your name and email in the comment section so i can contact you you need to be active on the channel, so like and share the video with your friends so i can find you and pick you! to watch the first episode, click here

the third episode will be up on monday at 8pm ksa see you in my next video!

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