Wednesday, December 14, 2016

diary of a teenage girl trailer

ben:it's him. allison:who? tim wyman. "blue shoes." — that ass is way above standard. allison:"blue shoes" is the guy you'vebeen stalking all summer? — i call it 'admiring from afar.' you've been 'admiring from afar' every day. and from 'not so afar.' hey, watch out!

— god! what is your problem? i don't know!i'm a klutz! your house is super-close if we cut through those trees. — my house? yeah! ok! let's go! [music] tim:so what's it like being gay? it's texas. i don't know.

what's it like being...? straight. [phone rings] hello? you want to come over? ben:i ran him over with my rollerblades and i'm taking care of him. that's it. you like him...!

mrs. wyman:it's a pleasure to finally meetone of your friends! — do you know his other friends? — his girlfriend? of course he knows krista... yeah! [clears throat]she's really great. tim, aren't you getting tired of this sneaking around... pretending to be krista norman's boyfriend? i just don't want people thinking i'm gaywhen i'm not. let's just have fun like we always do.

[police sirens] go, go, go, go!— tim:what if the cops can id us? this is who we are!it's who you are! how could i iet you do this to me? — we're done, benjamin. on the house... i'm jace, by the way... here's to a new year. cheers!

[glasses clink] allison:honestly, ben, you should justmove in with jace... — benjamin! it's really you! are you just visiting? — i have to go! tim:hey! tim:i told myself i would do anythingto get you back. i made a choice when i decided to be with you...

where were you when i was in high school? allison:you can't have both of them. you and the rest of the world,you see this spoiled, arrogant jock... i see the guy whose parentsmade him hide how talented he is. do you still love him? what about jace? ben [singing]:we’re living in a den of thieves... jace:have you seen the way he stares at youwhile i am standing right there? [singing]rummaging for answers in the pages

[singing]we’re living... benjamin! wait! you are a goddamn coward. [singing] in a den of thieves [singing]and it's contagious! [singing]and it's contagious [singing]...and it's contagious! [singing]and it's contagious...

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